Angela Hawse
Licensed IFMGA | AMGA Mountain Guide


I offer a variety of speaking services that include keynote presentations, motivational talks, multimedia presentations and slide shows. For the past three years I have worked with Corporate Teams, delivering a keynote presentation for their work with the Chicago Federal Reserve's Leadership Conference. Corporate Teams is a recognized leader delivering high impact programming that provides active adventure, collaborative team challenges, innovative strategy development, and on-going performance improvement. Below is my speaker bio from Corporate Team's website. I also have given numerous slide shows for my Sponsors at retail outlets, and raised funds for benefits with multiple presentations. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about what I have to offer.

Angela's enthusiasm for life is deep seated in her passion for mountains and over twenty years of following her dreams, exploring remote corners of the world. Himalayan Alpinist, IFMGA Internationally licensed Mountain Guide and sponsored Athlete, Angela is one of the most experienced and accomplished women in the vertical realm. She was the 6th woman in the U.S. to achieve an IFMGA license and one of less than 50 women in the world to have undertaken and succeeded in this rigorous training and certification process. She has led over 20 high altitude expeditions, including 5 on Denali, and her explorations have taken her from ski traverses of Lapland to the South Summit of Mt. Everest, at 28,875ft. She has climbed throughout Nepal, Pakistan, Indian, Patagonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Alaska and Canada and extensively in the U.S.
For the past 24 years, Angela has worked as a professional climbing guide for some of the country's most respected outfitters. In a male dominated workplace, Angela has gained her respect as a highly competent, passionate and motivated individual. She has always wed service with adventure and in 2001 earned a Master of Arts degree for her work in International Mountain Conservation. As Deputy Leader, she was instrumental to the success of the 1998 Everest Challenge, which made the First Disabled Ascent of Mt. Everest, and with her leadership carried out a major clean-up high on the mountain. In 2001, she led a successful expedition to Aconcagua, with amputee Tom Whittaker, and again carried out a major clean-up high on the mountain.

Much of her service work has been carried out in the Nepal Himalaya, where she has worked to protect the Mountain Porter, trained women to work as guides and led expeditions to high peaks. In 2003, she guided an all women's ascent of Ama Dablam, 22,545', leading her team, without the support of Sherpas, to the top of this highly technical peak while at the same time raising over $23,000 to start a safe house for girls in the region. She served on the American Mountain Guides Association Board of Directors for 6 years and for two of those years as the organization's Vice President. Angela was the first female Instructor and Examiner for the AMGA and continues to train aspiring guides in various locations throughout the U.S.


Dynamic, Goal-Oriented Leadership
Two decades of teaching and leading teams to the top have given Angela valuable insights into how individuals and groups function well together under adversity. Angela draws upon numerous metaphors relating goals in the workplace to climbing a mountain, illuminating the importance of vision, focus, and creative use of resources to help teams succeed. In this session, she will share compelling stories and images of how dynamic leadership can motivate and inspire others to reach the top.

Digging Deep
Setting and striving for high-powered goals requires preparation, discipline and a strong will to succeed. In her endeavors to high places, Angela has learned valuable steps for team success. Rarely is the path straightforward and often challenges unanticipated arise. Decisions and actions have to be calculated in harsh environments where the consequences are real. Angela relates how commitment to the team, an open-minded approach and problem-solving skills are key to achieving success.


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